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I feel comfort when I’m painting portraits. It relaxes me just like swinging in a hammock next to an ocean or babbling brook.

Before paint touches the canvas, I use my training from art history, photography, film, graphic and type design, to make decisions about chiaroscuro, proportions, negative space, focal points, and juxtaposition of all the elements.

I then use my training as an actor and I become my subject, diving into who they are (or were) discovering their likes and dislikes, researching any history of physical or emotional scars and I ask some questions:

  • What state of mind or are they in at the time?
  • Were they happy and warm? With a cold and uncomfortable?
  • What were they thinking about when the photo was taken?
  • Where they in the moment, or was their mind somewhere else?
  • And more.

Many factors will affect the facial muscles. It’s up to me to answer these questions so I can make it unique, put life into the canvus, and separate myself from a photocopy machine.

Eyes truly are the windows to the soul. They are the most important features for recognizing someone, and will always be my favorite thing to paint.

-Grant Kosh